The Team and Advisory Board at Raintree International School

Raintree is committed to delivering the highest quality learning experience. All of our teachers go through a rigorous selection process in order to ensure that only dedicated individuals who are passionate about children’s well-being join our team.  We only recruit highly qualified early years practitioners who hold teaching degrees from established institutions.  Our teachers also receive on-going professional development to ensure they remain motivated and up-to-date with the latest educational developments.

Management Team

Phannaroj Chalitaporn - Director - Raintree International School

Phannaroj Chalitaporn (Mai)


Mai has a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge (recipient of a Cambridge Thai Foundation scholarship) and a Bachelor’s degree with First Class honors in engineering from Thammasat-University of Nottingham. After starting her career in investment banking in Hong Kong and London, Mai then spent seven years at a leading strategic advisory firm specialising in cross-border investment between Thailand and China.

With extensive international experience spanning the UK, Hong Kong, China and Thailand, Mai and her husband, Casey work dedicatedly to support the Raintree project to ensure they provide the very best educational facility for Bangkok’s children. Casey is British-born of Hong Kong decent, and is also a fellow graduate of the University of Cambridge (Master’s and Bachelor degrees in Economics).

Mai is passionate about the importance of multiculturalism and is committed to providing a quality early years’ multi-lingual educational facility for children in Thailand.

Currently, Mai is Alumni Coordinator of the Cambridge Society in Thailand. and board member of NIST International School Alumni Association (NISTAA). She speaks English, Thai and Chinese after spending 4 years working in Beijing. In her spare time, Mai loves to travel, cook and pamper her French bulldog.

Karen Jones - Head teacher - Raintree International School

Karen Jones

Head Teacher

With over thirty years’ experience in early years education, Karen brings to Raintree impeccable credentials and a burning desire to foster a love for learning. Fully qualified with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, specialising in early years education, Karen is equipped with extensive experience in teaching and leading early years schools, both in the UK and Bangkok. In the past 15 years, she has led the setup of prestigious schools such as Harrow International School (Early Years section), St. Andrew’s Bangna Campus as well as various independent preschools.

For Karen, the students and their learning experiences come first, at all times. She believes in empowering the children with knowledge and confidence. Her guiding principle is ‘inspiring in the children, an insatiable passion for learning and the desire to be creative’. With nearly 15 years’ experience in Asia, Karen understands Asian culture and the concerns that parents here may have. She believes in working closely with parents and the surrounding area to cultivate the children’s full potential.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys yoga and practicing mindfulness.

Vorachan Chirathivat - Co-founder - Raintree International School

Vorachan Chirathivat (Tip)


Tip is the co-founder of Tiny Tree, a pioneer in the provision of children’s educational materials in Thailand.  Realising the need for quality books to foster responsible children, Tip and her partners write, publish, and distribute the books themselves. Since being established in 2011, the company’s tri-lingual educational books have become popular and serve as a base for a rapidly expanding range of related products.

Tip has a Master’s degree with distinction in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Sydney.

An artist at heart, Tip enjoys painting with her daughter.

Advisory Board

Korn Chatikavanich - Advisor - Raintree International School

Korn Chatikavanich


An influential and visionary figure, Korn’s role on the Advisory Board at Raintree draws upon his rich variety of experiences as a respected politician, bestselling author, top investment banker, internationally recognised Finance Minister of Thailand (2008-2011) and caring father.

Married with four children, Korn is firmly committed to raising the education standard in Thailand. With a particular passion for early years education, he initiated “English for All”, a programme which provides English speaking instructors to teach English to preschool students at less privileged areas. The aim of the programme is to equip the students with the opportunity to compete alongside students from bigger cities. The programme found language learning to be particularly effective and engaging among preschool age learners.

Born in the UK, Korn attended Winchester College Boarding School in England. He later went on to read Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at St. John's College, University of Oxford, graduating with honours. Korn is currently on the Board of Governors of Brighton College International School Bangkok.

Joe Horn-Phathanothai - Advisor - Raintree International School

Joe Horn-Phathanothai


The founder and CEO of Strategy613, Joe is renowned for his unparalleled knowledge of China. Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and a Master’s degree in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge University. The relationship between Joe and the leaders of China and Thailand spans across generations.  As a token of good intention, Joe’s mother, Sirin Phathanothai, was sent to China to be brought up by the Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.  Ever since then, the family has acted as a bridge between the leaders of China and Thailand.

Joe is dedicated to empowering children through education. He is the founder of the ChangAi Children’s Project, which funded the construction of the Mangya ChangAi Hope School in Yunnan. Joe is also a strong advocate of language acquisition in the early years. Fluent in English, Chinese, Thai and French, Joe is currently teaching his two young sons all four languages. Joe is also President of the Cambridge Society and Secretary-General of the Oxford Thai Foundation.

Professor Deborah Harcourt - Special Advisor on Curriculum - Raintree International School

Professor Deborah Harcourt

Special Advisor on Curriculum

With more than 30 years of experience in early years’ education spanning Australia, Singapore, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the UAE, the UK and Sri Lanka, Dr. Harcourt holds a number of professorships in early childhood education at various institutions, including the Australian Catholic University. Beginning her career as a preschool teacher, she then moved on to teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in teacher education, health sciences and within a school of medicine. Dr. Harcourt specialises in early childhood curriculum design and has published/presented numerous articles and books on the subject. Previously, Deborah also oversaw curriculum design for one of Asia’s largest international preschool groups where many schools adopted the bi-lingual approach.

Deborah believes in children’s rights as active citizens and is a well-regarded expert of the Reggio Emilia approach.

Join the Raintree Team

Raintree is committed to providing its community of young learners with a quality education and safeguarding their welfare. Our staff go through a rigorous screening process to ensure only the most qualified and motivated individuals are allowed to inspire our children. If you are a dedicated early years’ practitioner and would like to work in a positive and enabling environment, contact us at: