Raintree International School – Kindergarten Classes

Age Range2019/202020/212021/22
Nursery 11 Sep 17 – 31 Aug 181 Sep 18 – 31 Aug 191 Sep 19 – 31 Aug 20
Nursery 21 Sep 16 – 31 Aug 171 Sep 17 – 31 Aug 181 Sep 18 – 31 Aug 19
Kindergarten 11 Sep 15 – 31 Aug 161 Sep 16 – 31 Aug 171 Sep 17 – 31 Aug 17
Kindergarten 21 Sep 14 – 31 Aug 151 Sep 15 – 31 Aug 161 Sep 16 – 31 Aug 16

Find more information about Nursery classes (Age 1.5 to 3) here.

At Raintree, we pride ourselves on offering one of Bangkok’s best Kindergarten classes for 3-5 year olds. Our kindergarten classes usually have 14-16 children, led by a qualified and experienced kindergarten teacher and 1-2 assistants.  Working closely with our Kindergarten class teachers, our specialist teachers including Music, Language and Physical Education, provide their expert knowledge to ensure our children have a wide variety of learning experiences.

A section of Raintree’s kindergarten classes are composite classes, combining our Kindergarten 1 (children aged 3-4 years) and Kindergarten 2 (children aged 4-5 years).  New research shows that within a highly collaborative learning environment such as Raintree, composite classes have a positive effect on learning for both older and younger children.  At Raintree our highly dedicated and trained teachers have the ability to individualise and bring out the best potential of all students within the class.

Here are some key benefits of composite kindergarten classes:

  • Older students are able to practice and reinforce their own skills as they teach them to the younger students as mentors and experts.
  • Older students provide a model of appropriate behaviour for the younger students, and in successfully providing good role models they gain confidence and empathy, a skill that is essential in our modern world.
  • Younger students are able to seek help from a wider range of people rather than relying on the teacher to help them all the time. Young children learn very effectively from their peers, and this learning through collaboration can help the children to feel more included in the learning process.
  • The focus of learning is on individual personal best, and leads children to value learning and the learning process.
  • Students develop a greater respect for individual differences and diversity.

At Raintree the students and their learning needs are at the forefront of our decision making process.  The modern world is changing rapidly as the way we think, process information and work evolve. Raintree is constantly exploring new practices to enhance the learning experience for our children. Our teaching reflects international best practice with particular inspirations from the Reggio Emilia approach.

Typical Day of Our Kindergarten Class

Our kindergarten class starts at 8.40 and finishes at 13:45. Children are dropped-off and collected from their classroom, providing parents with daily communication with the teaching team.

A day in the life of Leon – our Kindergarten 1 (Miss Rebecca’s class).  Leon is American/Thai and enjoys learning languages and photography.  Living in the Sathorn area, Leon often car pools to school with other Raintree students living in the same building.


Arrival and garden play.
Kindergarteners arrive at Raintree International
Arrival and garden play.  Time for the children to play with their friends from different year groups and parents to interact with other children, parents and teaching staff, fostering our Raintree community. At 8.40, the bell rings and we do a morning dance together before going to the classroom..
Welcome time.
Kindergarten welcome time at Raintree International
Welcome time. Together on our carpet area, we sing a welcome song, greet our friends, and then discuss the day ahead and perhaps share news and ideas. Today is Proud’s birthday so we talk about how we are going to celebrate her big day!.
Integrated studies
Integrated Kindergarten Studies at Raintree International
Integrated studies where the children have access to a wide variety of activities and they are encouraged to move around to explore/experiment different provocations. Our carefully selected resources are designed to engage and challenge them and are readily available, enabling the children to become more independent and able to direct their own learning.
Snack time
Kindergarten snack time at Raintree International
Snack time consisting of healthy fruits and milk. On Friday we have a special treat such as mini banana cake.
Integrated studies
Kindergarten reading time at Raintree International
Integrated studies where the children have access to a wide variety of activities and they are encouraged to move around to explore/experiment different provocations. Children work independently or collaboratively in small groups.  On some days this time will include specialist classes such as Music, P.E, Language or Library time
Outdoor play
Kindergarten playtime at Raintree International
Outdoor play. The Kindergarten children love to explore our natural outdoor area. Our curated tree house play area is particularly popular and they love to climb, scramble, slide and run around the treetops. Having a large green space for children to play and explore is great way for them to exert energy and practice their problem solving skills.
Kindergarten lunch time at Raintree international
Lunch. At lunch the children sit together and eat with their teachers, allowing the teacher to model good meal time behaviour and children are encouraged to try new food as they see their friends enjoying them. This provides a great opportunity to encourage a positive relationship with food and often involves lots of conversation around food and making healthy choices. All of our meals are carefully planned to ensure that the children have a varied and healthy diet.
Integrated studies/Specialist classes
Kindergarteners exploring plants at Raintree International
Integrated studies/Specialist classes Time for the children to further explore different activities set up by the teacher. Children with Chinese language priority are invited to join the Chinese corner in small groups where they will engage in language rich activities such as playing games, reading books, singing songs and interacting with the teacher and each other in Chinese.
Circle time
Kindergarten circle time at Raintree International
Circle time saying good bye and preparing for home time. Just before the end of each day the children come together on the carpet for a final circle time. We talk about things that have happened that day, what sort of fun things we might be doing tomorrow and share any exciting news or stories. We then sing our good bye song and collect our bags ready to greet our parents or caregivers. Children are collected from the class teacher by the classroom, allowing the parents/ caregivers to discuss what the day has involved on a daily basis.
Afterschool clubs (optional).
Afterschool Kindergarten Clubs at Raintree International
Afterschool clubs (optional). Raintree offers a variety of clubs depending on terms such as gardening, yoga, creative movement and cooking.

Our Kindergarten Curriculum

Raintree’s progressive kindergarten curriculum is designed to support your child’s personal, social and emotional development as well as academic success. We place great emphasis on fostering creativity and communication while involving parents as much as possible to make sure you’re just as much a part of the Raintree experience as your child. At kindergarten level, we build upon your child’s prime areas of learning as defined by the British Early Years Foundation Stage and extend this further to include the specific areas of learning such as Mathematics, Literacy, Expressive art and Understanding of the world.

At Raintree in Sathorn, children learn through purposeful play, allowing them to explore through hands on investigation and direct their own learning. Children have a natural sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn. Teachers at Raintree use carefully selected resources, observation and meaningful interactions to help guide children through the learning process. Because learning is guided by the children’s interests they are more engaged in the process and much more open to challenge themselves. This helps children to become more confident and independent thinkers.

For example, after discovering caterpillars in our garden, children may start to develop a particular interest in insects. Our teachers observe this interest, and set up a focus area on insects including figures for them to explore, role play with, and mock habitats. The teachers may further notice that your child has a particular interest in butterflies and suggest to him/her to research this insect in a book, thus promoting literacy. Another child might show interest in a different insect, and the teachers may suggest to the child to draw or create a model of the insect using play dough or clay and loose parts. While the child does this the teachers would scaffold their learning by asking about the insects defining features or encourage them to count certain body parts leading into early mathematics. If a few children became interested in insects then the teacher would arrange for them to go on a bug hunt around the school grounds or perhaps they would catch a few insects and put them in a terrarium in the classroom for the children to observe and study.  Believing each child is unique and different, Raintree individualise their learning to support every child’s developmental needs.

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