Our Classes

Class Chinese Provision
Nursery 1 (Age 1.5+)

To provide the children with an enabling enviroment, allowing them to separate from their parents confidently and form positive relationship within the community. To learn social skills: how to play and cooperate with others. (3 or 5 day options)

1 session per day
Nursery 2 (Age 2+)

To provide stimulating learning experiences to help the children begin making their own choices, express their feelings and exercise a level of self care. To learn how to collaborate and share, and to encourage independence.

1 session per day
Kindergarten 1 (Age 3+)

To encourage the children to listen and focus, and to foster in them a love for learning and natural curiosity towards the world around them. To develop more complex speech and become more expressive with their thoughts and emotions.

2 session per day
Kindergarten 2 (Age 4+)

To develop more complex ideas and follow their own lines of inquiry, and to encourage the use of a wider vocabulary so that they are better able to express themselves. To prepare them for a smooth transition to primary school and further their understanding the world.

2 session per day
* Age at the start of academic year

Our school day normally starts at 8:30-9:00 and finishes at midday after lunch for Nursery classes and at 14:00 for Kindergarten classes.  We also offer a variety of optional fun and stimulating after-school classes for our Nursery 2 and older children.  Our class size ranges from 12-16 children, with one lead class teacher, one co-teacher, and 1-2 assistants depending on age group. We are committed to maintaining a healthy child to staff ratio to ensure that we can fully cater to your child’s needs.

Our daily schedule usually comprises of integrated study blocks in which children are encouraged to explore their interests and achieve comprehensive learning goals through activities such as art, music, dance, cooking, construction play, role play and water/outdoor play. 

All of our classes are led by qualified early years teachers who are passionate about supporting children to explore their interests and unfold learning experiences.


Our Playgroup provides an opportunity for parents and children to become familiar with and understand our approach. As the parents also get to know the staff through the Playgroup, this also ensures a much smoother transition when the time comes for the children to wave goodbye to Mummy and Daddy for the start of the school day. Organised by our experienced team, the Playgroup includes activities aimed at engaging children in exploratory play within our safe and inspiring facilities.  During the Playgroup, the children develop their independence and make new friends as they play, sing, dance, paint and share together.